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A few sounds say more than a thousand words... mp3 not available because of diskquota.

When you've got a big mailbox, you may request to have some mailed to you by sending an email to toilet.seeds@xs4all.nl

ok, just a few words...

It's been more than ten years since a group of friends decided that the eighties were not going to produce any music worth listening to unless drastic measures were taken: They started a band. The original line-up was Rob (vocals), Ralph (guitar), Oscar (base) and Frank K (drums), the original goal: to reanimate old punk songs of bands like The Buzzcocks, XTC, Wire and The Stranglers.

It was then, with a playlist of six songs, that Jasper joined the band. Originally as the designated keyboard player but as soon as the band discovered his guitar-playing abilities, as the second guitar player. Also around this time the band wrote its first song: Neighbours Dog.

More songs were written and some gigs were had and it became clear that Frank was not the drummer for this band (if for any). The rest of the band decided to give him the boot and started looking for a new drummer. They found Peter.

Peter meant changes for the band: songs got played faster, more songs were written in lesser time, and songs got more complicated. Again, the band went ahead and played some gigs, but not too many. The Toilet Seeds proved to be lazy slobs when it came down to recording a decent demo.

Years crawled by, and songs came and went, then all the equipment went and finally it almost looked like it would be over...

...but it wasn't: A new drummer, some new songs and a cd (not available in any shops) And even some gigs! The Toilet Seeds would never die!

But then after just a bit over ten years of noise it was over and nobody seemed to give a fuck.